Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Inquiry in Hub 1

By Zach and Fletcher, Hub 1

We started by listening to Selina Tusitala-Marsh’s poem called ‘Unity’. We created doodles in our learning journals to record the themes from the poem such as nature, culture, history, unity, navigation, ancestors and enviro issues e.g pollution. Some lines stuck out to us: ‘Nature’s model of unity’, ‘U and I make Unity’, ‘What we do affects the sea’.  During week 1 we were able to explore lots of activities relating to natural resources - a herb tasting science investigation, harakeke weaving, exploring the fibonacci sequence in nature, manu tukutuku/kite making and some cooking for Matariki (rewena bread and also scones to test out the new oven). Our reading and writing has linked to our Inquiry - analysing the poem and also creating our own concrete poems using some examples from nature. In week 2 we looked closely at the poem again and recorded some of our wonderings, mostly relating to how and why people use resources, cause and effect, how cycles work and models of unity from nature.

Settling into the new Hub

By Ariana, Hub 1

Over the past two to three weeks, we’ve been settling into our new hub. We’ve been getting used to the new space and also the new routine. It’s been great as we’ve been able to be in the same class as some of our friends, and the learning style is much more independent. The Hub is way bigger than the Shires, with three soundproofed rooms. We’ve been doing loads of cool things, like investigating patterns in nature, cooking using our awesome class kitchen, and weaving with harakeke (flax). Our teachers have also been leading workshops for subjects like maths and reading.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

NZ is in Lockdown

Sam & Karen Settle in at Jacqui’s

Kumara cuttings from Shire 4

Fortunately I had the foresight to bring all of our class plants home on Monday night. Sam and Karen seem to like their new home and I will do my best to look after them! I’ll try to add some updates every so often so you can see how they’re growing.
Nga mihi nui, Jacqui

Vital Statistics
Fave song

Monday, February 10, 2020

Whānau Aparangi News T1 Wk 2

Welcome to our students and their families. We are pleased to have you join Whānau Aparangi, the Year 8 syndicate at Balmoral Intermediate.

In this bulletin you will be able to read some brief notes from the Parent Evening on Monday 10th February.

Our teaching team
Jacqui Bailey - Shire 4 - Whānau Leader
Alexandra Hunter - Shire 6
Daniel Allen - Rm AR
Vanessa Counsell - Rm 28
Joe Teague - Rm 31

We are supported by Trish Cullen (Intermediate AP) and the Specialist teaching team:
Lauren Polglase - Multi-materials & HOD Technology
Craig Withrington - Science
Theresa Afosa - Textiles
Alex Urlich - Music
Rose Curin-Brown works alongside our English Language Learners
Mary Rea is our SENCO

Learning in Year 8
Our Inquiry curriculum is the central component
The Arts
Mathematics - problem solving investigations and explicit teaching of skills
Health & wellbeing
PE, sport and fitness
Literacy - integrated and purposeful e.g reading/writing/oral language to support the Inquiry
Te Reo, Tikanga Māori and languages integrated - Korean lessons continue in Y8
Science - including the environment and sustainability
Social Sciences

Opportunities in Year 8
There are many exciting and varied opportunities for Year 8 students. We strongly encourage our students to make the most of the mentoring and opportunities on offer. Some examples are:
Bands and choirs
Cultural groups - eg Kapa haka, Pasifika dance
Dance Club
Drama Club
Many, many sports - trial and have a go!
Tough guy, tough girl
Writers festival
Book Club and Lit Quiz
Service opportunties - tuakana / teina
Leadership opportunities
Chess Club
Running Club
Dungeons and Dragons.... + many more

Nuts and bolts
Please read the Intermediate newsletter which is emailed
Class learning update - student led 2x per term
Aparangi blog
Incidental emails from the class teacher
Please add the school calendar from the website to your smartphone calendar
Beep reminders - app
**If you need to discuss anything important, please touch base with your classroom teacher. Send us an email or pop in to book an appointment**
Please pop in and say hi any time

Supporting your Year 8 student
Encourage self-management around:
Bringing PE gear for PE, sport and trials
Bringing PLENTY of food for lunch
Bringing a hat and wearing correct school uniform
Using the student diary to record upcoming events/deadlines
Being prepared for Spec lessons
Being reliable with returning permission slips
Using the diary for recording home learning and daily reading
Tracking their progress with the home learning Rich Challenge

Home Learning in Year 8
20mins + of reading each night - pages recorded in the student diary
Rich challenge is on-going throughout the term - weekly reflection to update the teacher
Other small incidental tasks arising at specialist lessons or in class e.g. an application letter
Optional - mathematics practice for students wanting more - see our maths page on the Aparangi blog

Camp Term 2, Wk 2
Please read the letters coming home and consider whether you'd like to be a parent helper. Please get the students to bring their completed forms back to the class teacher this week.

Community Events coming up
All families are invited to the Balmoral Pasifika Family BBQ on Wednesday  19th Feb 6-7pm.
Venue - School hall. Please bring a plate to share.

Please consider supporting our hardworking PTA and the class teacher by becoming the PTA class liaison. Email your class teacher for more info.

Ngā mihi nui,
Whānau Aparangi
Jacqui, Alex, Dan, Vanessa & Joe

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Opportunities for young authors and illustrators

The Balmoral Young Authors and Illustrators club runs every Monday lunchtime in Shire 4. A quiet space and mentoring is provided for those students who are keen to create their own writing or illustrations. Some students choose to create pieces with the view to entering competitions. These competitions may include (but are not limited to):

Toitoi magazine (NZ)

Fabostory (NZ)

The Elsie Locke Writing Prize (NZ)

Stone Soup (Intl)

Monday, March 11, 2019

Can you caption this?

The students of Shire 4 have been practising the skill of adding a caption to a picture. We've noticed that good captions add new information for the reader, usually include key facts, are succinct, match the tone of the photo and are usually in the present tense.

Have a go at adding a caption to this picture... You'll find some of our examples in the comments below.